The Bloke is about getting you up and away from your electronic device and into the great outdoors.

However, before you do so, we hope to also impart some knowledge and skills that we have learnt during our travels. Getting out is great. Getting out with the proper skillset to be safe and have fun, is even better.

While the older bushmen needed to do it the hard way, modern technology fused with time-tested knowledge allows for a much more comfortable and productive experience. 


HANWAG Tatra GTX Boots Review

Gidday guys, So I’ve got a great bit of kit to review today.  I’ve been wanting a decent pair of boots for a while now to replace my ill-fitting Hi-Tec Altitude boots, and after [...]

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Hunter Education – Deer Processing Course – July

We here at The Bloke are big on hunter education. It’s all very well saying there needs to be more of it, we figured we need to provide it. […]

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Maximum Point Blank Range

So, a method of maximising the setup of your hunting rifle, cartridge and scope to ensure you can point and shoot for the majority of your shooting makes sense. Unsurprisingly, such a methodology exists. […]

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Toddler Tramping

Toddler Tramping – Arataki Nature Trail

We didn’t quite make it last time – so this weeks walk was the Arataki Nature Trail – a short walk that features an excellent opportunity to identify several of New Zealand’s most common trees right next to each other. […]

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Kitekite Falls

The long weekend seemed to be an ideal opportunity to head out with the little girl for another day walk. […]

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My new tramping partner

Took my little girl out for our first bush walk. We had been out before – but only around Mt Albert and Western Springs – this was the first decent walk with here in the backpack. […]

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Hunters First Aid Kits

I have spent over 16 years in New Zealand; I have been tramping and exploring the outdoors for 13 years; I have been around firearms and knives in the back country for over five years; I have jet boated up remote rivers for nearly a year. I have done all of these things with a less than acceptable, or even worse no form of, personal first aid kit. That stops now. […]

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Half Cock, just half assed?

This came about by it becoming ‘acceptable practise’ over the course of many years in New Zealand. There is no-where else that I am aware of, in the world that considers this a good practise. Either closed and ready to shoot, or empty. […]

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1. Treat every Firearm as Loaded

Firearms aren’t inherently dangerous. They are, after all, simply a mechanical device that requires a specific series of manipulations to fire. Treating every firearm as loaded becomes the first principle that the follows rules build upon. […]

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