About Dougie

Gwen Douglas (Dougie) is a hunter and outdoorswoman with a passion for encouraging others to take to the bush and push themselves. She has had a colourful career background but has always maintained a finger in the hunting pie through her social media presence, written reviews and hunting experience articles along with a regular presence in any retail store selling hunting gear! She resides in Hawkes Bay but hunts most of the north island with both rifle and bow. When not hunting, she enjoys spending time with her partner and two dogs. A perfect day for Dougie would include jet boating, deer stalking, dog training and a log fire with a dram (or three) of a smoky, peaty scotch – neat, of course.

F-ing Ugly Goat

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Often the unexpected experience is the most rewarding as I found out the summer that I moved to Hawkes Bay. After an exciting but stressful relocate, I quickly settled into a pattern of hunting at least five times per week. In just a few months I had seemed to have mastered sharpening my knife, packing the perfect contents of a hunting day pack, butchering goats and large hares. I was feeling more ready for a deer than ever before.

What A Girl Wants

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Women wanting to go hunting. Even five years ago, a woman on a hunt was seen as a rare (and beautiful?) thing. Nowadays it’s seen as much more usual. And as kiwis – and hunters – we need to promote and support our women in hunting.

Hunters First Aid Kits

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I have spent over 16 years in New Zealand; I have been tramping and exploring the outdoors for 13 years; I have been around firearms and knives in the back country for over five years; I have jet boated up remote rivers for nearly a year. I have done all of these things with a less than acceptable, or even worse no form of, personal first aid kit. That stops now.

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