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Ironically, I am a person running a site about the great outdoors and struggling to get outdoors.One day, or more likely, middle of the night, I decided that working in nightclubs and spending my days in dark studios wasn't that healthy. It was time to get back outdoors! Somewhere along the way I picked up hunting and competitive shooting.Editor and contributor. Gear addicted. Really like my coffee.

Digital Powder Scales – five factors that can affect your reloading scales accuracy

2017-03-09T16:35:40+00:00 By |Categories: Reloading, System Overviews|

Accurate charge weight is a fundamental step towards increasing consistency in your reloads. Accurate powder scales are a critical component to this. An accurate reloading scale goes a long way towards better reloading. What factors can affect the accuracy of the scales, and what can you do to reduce them?

In response to…

2017-01-03T20:06:13+00:00 By |Categories: The Journal|

In response to John Howart's submission to The LAW and ORDER SELECT COMMITTEE regarding an inquiry into issues relating to the illegal possession of firearms in New Zealand -  May – [...]

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