Interview with Robin Sharpless from Redding

If you have been reloading for any period of time, you will have heard of Redding. Robin Sharpless is the Vice-President of Redding and an absolute wealth of information. We have been trying to get together for a chat for a bit, and finally, the stars aligned! Transcript (rough edit) For those of you who have…

Interview with the 6.5 Guys – PRS, Calibres, Equipment and Lanolin Lube!

The 6.5 Guys are Steve and Ed, two guys who decided to start documenting their progress in long-range practical precision shooting.

A couple of years later and they have built a dedicated following on youtube and facebook. Consistently putting out high-quality content detail their equipment choices and use, the 6.5 guys have created a fantastic resource for anyone involved in competition.

The Sika Show 2016!

The Sika Show is done and dusted for another year, and what a show it was! This was actually my first Sika Show. Clifford attended last year and wrote up an article on it, the result being we were invited down again this year to attend, take photos and get some coverage. So, armed with the Canon, GoPro’s and Samsung S7Edge – I did the road for Taupo.

Multigun RO Course – Warkworth Pistol Club

Range Officer Course – Multigun The Warkworth Pistol club played host to a Range Officer course for Pistol NZ’s Multigun Discipline. Multigun is a new shooting sport to NZ – combining the three firearms (pistol, rifle, shotgun) into one course of fire. While it isn’t the first time that Multigun in some form has been…