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Digital Powder Scales – five factors that can affect your reloading scales accuracy

2017-03-09T16:35:40+00:00 By |Categories: Reloading, System Overviews|

Accurate charge weight is a fundamental step towards increasing consistency in your reloads. Accurate powder scales are a critical component to this. An accurate reloading scale goes a long way towards better reloading. What factors can affect the accuracy of the scales, and what can you do to reduce them?

Optimising your VLD Bullet accuracy – seating depth

2016-12-21T12:45:43+00:00 By |Categories: Reloading|

The new generation of VLD (very low drag) projectiles have brought with them more accuracy, and more requirements to optimise. It won't be new to shooters that bullets have a sweet spot when it comes to seating depth. For a long time F-Class and BR shooters have been 'jamming the lands' - setting seating depth out long enough where the bearing surface is actually touching (or even slightly pushed into) the throat of the rifling. Minimising jump eeks out the final bit of performance.

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