Multigun RO Course – Warkworth Pistol Club

Range Officer Course – Multigun The Warkworth Pistol club played host to a Range Officer course for Pistol NZ’s Multigun Discipline. Multigun is a new shooting sport to NZ – combining the three firearms (pistol, rifle, shotgun) into one course of fire. While it isn’t the first time that Multigun in some form has been…

Measuring Groups

Measuring groups gives us empirical data representing the ability of our rifle and ourselves to shoot. The amount each of those factors influences our shooting. Obviously, shooting off-hand unsupported is going to result in more shooter influence than shooting a captive rifle off a bench will. So it’s important whenever someone gives us a ‘measure’ that it’s also framed by how it was shot and under what conditions. Otherwise it’s like comparing apples and oranges.