Interview with Robin Sharpless from Redding

If you have been reloading for any period of time, you will have heard of Redding. Robin Sharpless is the Vice-President of Redding and an absolute wealth of information. We have been trying to get together for a chat for a bit, and finally, the stars aligned! Transcript (rough edit) For those of you who have…

Interview with the 6.5 Guys – PRS, Calibres, Equipment and Lanolin Lube!

The 6.5 Guys are Steve and Ed, two guys who decided to start documenting their progress in long-range practical precision shooting.

A couple of years later and they have built a dedicated following on youtube and facebook. Consistently putting out high-quality content detail their equipment choices and use, the 6.5 guys have created a fantastic resource for anyone involved in competition.