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F-ing Ugly Goat

2017-01-13T10:41:14+00:00 By |Categories: Hunting|

Often the unexpected experience is the most rewarding as I found out the summer that I moved to Hawkes Bay. After an exciting but stressful relocate, I quickly settled into a pattern of hunting at least five times per week. In just a few months I had seemed to have mastered sharpening my knife, packing the perfect contents of a hunting day pack, butchering goats and large hares. I was feeling more ready for a deer than ever before.

What A Girl Wants

2017-01-13T10:41:25+00:00 By |Categories: Hunting|

Women wanting to go hunting. Even five years ago, a woman on a hunt was seen as a rare (and beautiful?) thing. Nowadays it’s seen as much more usual. And as kiwis – and hunters – we need to promote and support our women in hunting.

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