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The recent Tarata Medium Range Field Shoot gave me a great opportunity to test a couple of bits of kit.

The weather was a little bit of a test – not a downpour, but a constant drizzle that slowly soaked everything through.

A field shoot with 10 stages with distances from 20 meters to over 600 – the shoot was a great combination of bipod support, barrier and offhand shooting. Simon Gillice is an excellent organiser and I look forward to getting down to more of his shoots.

The SAP Run’n’Gun provided an awesome rear bag and barrier support – due to it’s handy strap, I could lock it down over the rifle and not worry about the bag disappearing off the side as I moved the rifle around.  The ‘lanyard’ also ensured I didn’t leave it behind anywhere – when I was done shooting, I simply picked up the rifle and went on my way. When ready to shoot, drop the rifle, and the rear bag is right where you need it, at the rear of the rifle!

The SAP Two Round Holder also proved invaluable – while the mag of the XLR Element Chassis held 10 rounds, I did find myself grabbing the extra round or two on occasion. In addition, it happened that we had a three shot unloaded start at one point – so I simply held the cartridges in my hand, then slotted two into the holder at the timer start. Perfect!

Finally, the KRG Bolt Lift, one of the first additions I made to the rifle, worked exactly like it was supposed to – providing a little extra grip and leverage on the Remingtons Bolt Knob. Perfect in the wet.

It was a great day, and a great reminder how a few little well thought out accessories can make a great difference at a Field Shoot.

Ironically, I am a person running a site about the great outdoors and struggling to get outdoors.One day, or more likely, middle of the night, I decided that working in nightclubs and spending my days in dark studios wasn't that healthy. It was time to get back outdoors! Somewhere along the way I picked up hunting and competitive shooting.Editor and contributor. Gear addicted. Really like my coffee.
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