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The Gearlocker, The Bloke, Precision Shooter

By supporting the gearlocker you are supporting The Bloke and you are supporting Precision Shooter, two sites that I initially started to gather and share information. I was recording my progression and my learning and then making that available for other guys so that they could share in that education and share in that experiences.

Sadly, though, that doesn’t pay the rent. The gearlocker is there as a way for me to fund what I want to do, which is going out and researching and writing articles, interviewing people and putting on courses for you.

By supporting the store, you are supporting me getting up at 3 am in the morning to interview someone in America, edit that video in the evenings and put it up for you to learn and enjoy. Unless I start charging to view, this is how I fund things.

So, I will remain as competitive as I can, but understand, purchasing through us means a lot more than just buying a product. It means helping support and grow a community and a knowledge base for all hunters, shooters and outdoors people. For that, I thank you.

The Company

The Gearlocker is the trading name for The Bloke Ltd, a Limited Liability company founded in 2002.

The Bloke, Precision Shooter and The New Zealand Beard Appreciation Society, for lack of a better term, are ‘brands’ that fall under The Gearlocker Umbrella.


20160903_153502Hey there. My name’s Kerry. Occasionally I get out into the bush or onto the range.

Some of my qualifications

Independent Coursework

  • National Certificate Level 3 in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Hazardous Goods Approved Handler
  • MPI Biosecurity Facility Operator – Sea and Air Containers

Skills Active

  • National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (Leadership) (Level 3)

Pistol NZ

  • Club Range Officer
  • Holster Qualification

New Zealand Deerstalkers

  • Club Range Officer
  • Communications (Newsletters)

Mountain Safety Council

  • Beginners Bushcraft
  • Intermediate Bushcraft
  • Advanced Bushcraft
  • Risk Management
  • River Safety
  • Outdoors First Aid
  • Outdoor Leaders
  • Above the Bushline
  • Outdoor Emergency Management


  • Overnight Survival (SOS Survival)




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