Free Shooting Targets

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Free Shooting Targets

All these targets are free to download and use. Have an idea/need for another target? Get in touch, we can see what we can whip up! 

Quick Zero Target – 100m

Download (PDF, 522KB)

I created the Quick Zero Target after helping a couple of people out zeroing their rifles and wanting a quick reference so I didn’t have to do any mental arithmetic converting from inches to mils to mm to MOA and back again.

Simply print out the MIL/MOA target depending on how your scope is calibrated1

Fire off your initial shots, count the lines, adjust, confirm and done!

Zeroing a rifle doesn’t need to be hard. Just do it systematically and don’t chase each shot. Unless you know your rifle (and you) can shoot better than a 1/4 MOA – one shot doesn’t actually mean much. The more the better.


  1. read this article for more on MOA/MIL 

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