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Precision Shooter was born out my increasing interest in competition shooting. It started with pistol and soon developed into 3Gun/Multigun and Long Range Field Shooting.

In New Zealand, every weekend – there are thousands of people out at ranges enjoying safe, challenging fun engaging in a multitude of shooting sports. You won’t hear much about it in the mainstream media – but competition shooting is very much alive in NZ!

Interested in getting out and learning a bit more? We have details on upcoming events, as well as tips and tricks to get you started. If in doubt, ask. If there is one thing that has always struck me with this community – it’s the willingness of the individuals involved to help out and provide assistance and guidance wherever they can.

Join the community – it’s one of the nicest around!

Our Competitions & Courses


Competition forms the heart of what Precision Shooter is about. Through competition, we get to test and refine our shooting – and it is a great excuse to accumulate piles of toys!

If you are organising your own shoots, please get in touch and we will do all we can to help out, through promotion and support, both online and off. We are in the process of setting up an online scoreboard system – and happy to integrate what you are doing where we can.

Training and Courses

Our Long Range Shooting Series cover off The Fundamentals, Positional Shooting and DOPE Confirmation days.

For Reloaders, we offer a Reloading Basics Course – that sets you off on a safe and efficient way of reloading your own ammunition.

Our 10/22 Masterclass teaches you some simple and efficient tips and tricks to get the most our of your rifle, and, offers advice on upgrading and improving what is one of the most popular firearms on the planet.

New courses are regularly being added, and if there is something else you would really like to see, just get in touch!

The Backbone

It is our goal to provide highly researched, conducted and reviewed training and education. Ensuring our attendees not only learn the practical but also understand the theory and its application.

In essence, we view the role of Precision Shooter to bring together the experts in their field(s) and the people wanting to learn from them. In that respect, Precision Shooter is the facilitator, co-ordinator and chief coffee maker.

Have some land?

The big challenge for many shooters – especially those in the more urban areas – is finding the land to shoot upon. We face the same struggles when it comes to finding appropriate venues for our shooting courses and competitions.

If you have access to land and are open to having a safe and well-organised group of shooters on it, please get in touch.

The Bloke Limited (the ‘parent’ company) holds extensive Public Liability Cover, including $500,000 fire coverage, $500,000 machinery/equipment damage and $250,000 ‘Property in Care, Custody or Control’ coverage.

In addition, we have extensive risk management and health and safety systems in place. Please just get in touch if you would like to see a copy or discuss more.

Kerry (the man behind The Gearlocker) has many years of Health and Safety theory, policy and implementation, you could say it is in his genes.

Upcoming Events

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