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The Bloke is about getting you up and away from your electronic device and into the great outdoors.

However, before you do so, we hope to also impart some knowledge and skills that we have learnt during our travels. Getting out is great. Getting out with the proper skillset to be safe and have fun, is even better.

While the older bushmen needed to do it the hard way, modern technology fused with time-tested knowledge allows for a much more comfortable and productive experience. 


F-ing Ugly Goat

Often the unexpected experience is the most rewarding as I found out the summer that I moved to Hawkes Bay. After an exciting but stressful relocate, I quickly settled into a pattern of hunting at least five times per week. In just a few months I had seemed to have mastered sharpening my knife, packing the perfect contents of a hunting day pack, butchering goats and large hares. I was feeling more ready for a deer than ever before.

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What A Girl Wants

Women wanting to go hunting. Even five years ago, a woman on a hunt was seen as a rare (and beautiful?) thing. Nowadays it’s seen as much more usual. And as kiwis – and hunters – we need to promote and support our women in hunting.

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Our Competitions & Courses

Training and Courses

Our Deer Processing Course has proved very successful, teaching Hunters the basics of dressing out (skinning and gutting) and butchery.

For Reloaders, we offer a Reloading Basics Course – that sets you off on a safe and efficient way of reloading your own ammunition.

Our 10/22 Masterclass teaches you some simple and efficient tips and tricks to get the most our of your rifle, and, offers advice on upgrading and improving what is one of the most popular firearms on the planet.

We have a Simple Survival (being prepared for an unplanned night in the bush) and an Introduction to Camping course as well. Ideal for introducing Kids to outdoors sleeping.

New courses are regularly being added, and if there is something else you would really like to see, just get in touch!

The Backbone

It is our goal to provide highly researched, conducted and reviewed training and education. Ensuring our attendees not only learn the practical but also understand the theory and its application.

In essence, we view the role of The Bloke to bring together the experts in their field(s) and the people wanting to learn from them. In that respect, The Bloke is the facilitator, co-ordinator and chief coffee maker.

Upcoming Events

Hunter Education – June 2017

June 4 @ 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Having trouble finding something? Want something special?Want to see if we can source something for you?Just want to shoot the breeze?Drop us a line, say hello!