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The KRG Bolt Lift is one of those simple, but very cool and useful modifications you can put on your rifle. Even modification might be too strong of a word, because it’s simply screw on, screw off with no permanent change to your bolt handle.


KRG Bolt Lift

Hey, let’s be honest, we do occasionally do something purely for aesthetics, sometimes even justifying it with some theoretical performance upgrade. This was really the case behind my KRG Bolt Lift – until I got to use it in the wet, that is.

The KRG Bolt Lift in action.

The KRG Bolt Lift in action.

At the Tarata Medium Range shoot, we had drizzle all day – never really heavy, but enough to ensure that everything remained wet and slowly soaked through. Clothing, pack, scope and of course rifle.

Nothing like fast bolt manipulation and a slippery surface to cause issues. However – I can say I had any – because whenever I went for that bolt – I had a massive, textured knob there1 to assist in grip. I went from my normal ‘knife hand’ technique to a simple grip and rip – but had not issues with running the bolt.

How would it have been without the knob? Don’t really know. There is no reason to go back to a standard knob for the Remington now. It’s been such a simple modification. I just wish they had them available for more bolt heads.


  1. phowr! 

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