A new build! The Ruger 10/22 Tactical Comp Rifle

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We are in the process of organising some .22 ‘tactical/practical’ style shoots. So, it would make sense to have a .22!

For many firearms owners, a .22 is the first rifle they shoot and or buy. They are used for pest eradication, general plinking and provide an easy, and cheap way of getting comfortable behind a rifle.

In my case, being urban based, I didn’t need to get rid of bunnies or possums, so skipped that stage and went straight to a hunting rifle – a 7mm08, having decided to set up and run some .22 shoots this year, it meant I really should look at getting a .22 to shoot!

There are obviously a lot of options out there regarding .22s I could have started with, and realistically, I can also see me ending up purchasing a bolt action .22 (or maybe .223) in the future for a training rifle as well.

However, in the end, I decided on the Ruger 10/22. There is no denying it is a popular choice – and, having seen another shooter with one shooting ragged holes at 50, I knew it could be accurized a lot.

However, of course, the Ruger 10/22 I was watching shooting these holes, was only a 10/22 in name. In reality, it’s a KIDD 10/22 ‘style’ firearm, as the only remaining Ruger part was the magazine.

Again, I could have built it that way from scratch – but thought that doing it like this would be a bit more interesting for the readers and let me learn a bit about the platform on the way.

Ruger 10/22 Target Model

I picked up the Target version of the 10/22. Heavy barrel, laminate stock. It’s not like I am carrying this firearm around far – so happy with something a bit heavier.

So, expect a few updates as I update and upgrade the unit. I have plans already but will shoot it ‘stock’ for a bit and see how we get on.

I am sure everyone is going to have an opinion on this build!

Thanks to Guncity for the hookup on the 10/22.

Ironically, I am a person running a site about the great outdoors and struggling to get outdoors.One day, or more likely, middle of the night, I decided that working in nightclubs and spending my days in dark studios wasn't that healthy. It was time to get back outdoors! Somewhere along the way I picked up hunting and competitive shooting.Editor and contributor. Gear addicted. Really like my coffee.
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