Ballistic Calculators (Wind Meters)

The Ballistic Calculator (and Wind Meter) is critical to achieving first shot hits at long ranges.

Originally, DOPE, or data on previous engagements was used. This enabled a quick reference for a shooter to confirm what adjustments needed to be made to a optics setup in order to impact at distances previously shot at. Now, algorithms replace this data collection. Provide the unit with what you are shooting, how you are shooting it, and the system will work backwards to tell you elevation and windage corrections. Wind Meter devices tell you the exact wind at your location. No more guessing!

Ballistic Calculators first appeared on palm pilots and similar handheld computer, now, you will often see them as phone apps. The ultimate is a dedicated unit, that both captures environmental data and provides the ballistic solution. The Kestrel is one such Ballistic Calculator, one with a built in Wind Meter.

As well as providing the hardware, The Gearlocker prides itself on providing the best support and training on the units. Make sure you are getting the most out of your Ballistic Calculator and Wind Meter and ensure the information you are getting out of it is as accurate as can be.

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