PSNZ22 – Field Steel Rimfire Contest – March

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I know. The weather report is atrocious. Let’s all go outside and shoot!

Our first competition, overall, was a success!

26 hardy souls braved the weather – included what seems to be a constant couple of hours of heavy rain to come and shoot our first rimfire field shoot.

While the rain meant our original timings were a little out (many people not finishing a stage in time) – on the whole, the level of difficulty was about bang on. A wide variety of shooting challenges were presented, from barricade shooting, offhand from both the strong and weak side, running and gunning and more.

Unforatunly, the Canon 5d MkIII proved to not be as weather resilient as you would have hoped – shutting down midway through the day. However, we got some good photos and managed to keep dry during the prizegiving.

Again, thank you so much to our sponsors – with all shooters getting a Ridgeline Swag Bag on arrival, and Gun City, Lithgow Arms also contributing prizes.

Talking of which – a massive congratulations to our winners! It was a close shoot – with Hennie and Shane tieing first equal, and Simon Gillice coming in a very close (one hit) third.

Dougall won the Lithgow LA101 in the draw, and we will be catching up with him soon for a review! Well done bud!

Being the first competition, there were always going to be a few hiccups – though paper scoresheets in the wet was probably something I should have foreseen!

Regardless, over, a success, and all going well – the first of many!


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