RECIPIE: Fried Deer Heart & Shallots

I recently came across a heart recipe that I was keen to try out. 

I had collected a couple of deer hearts from the last Fallow Hunt I had done – and was looking for a nice way to cook them up. While I have cooked heart before (stew), I was keen on trying something that presented the heart on its ‘own’ and showcased the organ. Because I had them, I also threw the Kidneys in there. I have never been a fan of Kidney, and, that is still the case – however, the little girl loved it, more than the heart – so seems I will be cooking them for her from now on! I was using a Fallow Deer Heart, and really, you could almost go one for one – there wasn’t quite enough for two of us and the little one.

In regards to the IPA you use – the taste of the IPA came through quite strong.

The missus isn’t big on beer – so wasn’t that big on the meal. I would be tempted to use a larger next time – something a bit lighter and sweeter.

 Fried Deer Heart

  • One deer heart, cored and sliced thin
  • Six large springs of fresh thyme
  • Two large garlic cloves
  • One large knob butter
  • Salt & Pepper


Melt the butter in a heavy pan, the add thyme and garlic. Once fragrant, add in slices of heart. Fry until the edges are crispy.


Onions and IPA

  • Butter
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Brown Sugar
  • Half a dozen shallots
  • One bottle IPA – I used Tuatara’s IPA

Melt butter, add in brown sugar and a bit of salt and pepper. Add onion and saute until transparent. Add in enough beer to cover the onions. Let cook and reduce right down, then serve heart with onions on the side. The bonus of making this for breakfast? You get to start the deay off with a beer!






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