BlinkTroll – A moving shooting target

A moving target that simply requires a static rope to run. Two trees and you are good to go!

No wires, simply connect with the app and you are good to go.

Ready to go moving target training. Just add a target!

Please allow around one month for delivery. These come from Norway!

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A Moving Shooting Target

The BlinkTroll moving shooting target is a simple and awesome way to add some complexity and challenge to your shooting competition and drills.

Simply string up a static line between two anchors and hook on the BlinkTroll. The unit is remote controlled via an app and can be set and forget or activated as required. Weather resistant and ready to go.

Simple Infrastructure

  • Autonomous search modefatbtlogo
  • Lightweight design
  • Static line 6-10 mm compatible
  • Speed: 2-6 m/s
  • Target weight: < 6 kg Remote control via app

Application Controlled

  • Wifi connectionsmartphone-1-e1461912137761
  • Start and stop sequences on app
  • Available for Android (iOS app in development)
  • Pre-installed Android device available

Preprogrammed sequences

  • target_vector-1-e1461915212121Low Speed
  • High Speed
  • Erratic

Interchangeable battery packs

  • Easy click battery mount
  • Hours of operation on a single charge
  • Sleep mode for longer battery life

Continuous development

  •  9992-200-e1460975488855-1Modular hardware add-ons
  • Continuously improved app
  • We want to adapt to your demands

Weather resistant

  • Temperature range: -10 C to +50 C
  • Works in heavy rain and snow


BlinkTroll Moving Shooting Target


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