Clear Ballistic Gel


This 16″ (405mm) deep block of Clear Ballistics Gel is perfect for testing penetration and expansion of hunting projectiles before heading out for a hunt.

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Our Ballistic Gel is a modern-day Ballistic Gel, 100% synthetic, and contains no organic materials.

It is clear as glass, odourless, reusable, temperatures stable (temperatures up to 240F), and mimics tissue 100%. It is non-toxic. The Ballistic Gel is moldable into any shape. will not mold or rot and does not require special storage.

Ballistic Gel

It replaces conventional ballistic gelatin, which is 100% organic, and completely temperature unstable.

The gel is easy to remelt and remould, so can be used multiple times.

In the Box

  • One – Block of Ballistic Gelatin
  • One – Set melting instructions
  • One – Calibration card

Technical Specs for Ballistic Gel

  • Size Standard: 16 inches in length, 6 inches in width, 6 inches in height (16L X 6W X 6H)
  • Size Metric: 40.64 cm in length, 15.24 cm in width, 15.24 cm in height (40.64L X 15.24W X 15.24H)
  • Weight: 17.2 LBS / 8.16 Kg
  • Volume Standard: 576 cubic inches / 39.9 cups / 9.8 US quarts / 2.5 US gal
  • Volume Metric: 9438.9 cubic centimeters / 9.43 Liters / 2.07 Imperial gal

Additional information

Dimensions41 x 16 x 16 cm


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