CLUTCH Shooting Bag System


Clutch [kluhch]:

1. to grip or hold tightly or firmly (verb)
2. a device for gripping something (noun)
3. dependable in crucial situations (adjective)

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Introducing the newest bag developed by Reasor Precision and Armageddon Gear to serve multiple roles from the front to the back of the rifle. While the origins of this concept stem from the functionality of the Gamechanger, the Clutch is a versatile solution that provides grasping front support and traditional rear bag duties all in an effort to enhance the ability of marksmen.

Folks have asked, ‘What are you going to do at matches where you are only permitted to use one bag?’ This bag of tricks is our answer and the definition above resonates. Two is one and one is too traditional. The Clutch was thoughtfully developed based on the requirements set forth by match directors of the sniper-ruck style competitions where gear is limited.

The bag can be split so that each competitor from a two-man team carries one-half of the bag, which can then be used conventionally or combined for those challenging props where neutral pressure and free recoil prevail.

Each side of the Clutch is different, one is a wedge-style and the other is a rectangle, but both have been designed with proven materials to perform the functions that marksmen demand. This is not a substitute, this is a solution.


  • 500 Denier Cordura fabric
  • Anti-skid fabric panel thoroughly tested for durability
  • Includes a wedge style bag and rectangle bag that connect via strategically placed snaps
  • Four heavy-duty snap points to connect the bags
  • Each bag has a 1-inch webbing strap with buckle and excess strap roll-up retention
  • Proudly made in the USA

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