Dillon Super 1050 System Builder

The pinnacle of the Dillon Precision Progressive Press line – the Dillon Super 1050 is what you need if you want to output high volumes of ammunition with a minimum of fuss. Once setup, the Dillon 1050 is the juggernaut of the progressive ammo reloading world.

Build your ultimate reloading setup here. Choose from the press, the dies and any accessories you need. Just work through the steps and we will guide you through every choice. No incompatibilities, no problems!



Auckland Only – setup and basic configuration of your press – allowing for two hours time.


The reason you are likely looking at a progressive press in the first place is due to speed – speed being a combination of technology and ergonomics. While there are several options within the Dillion Family itself, we have looked beyond, to specialist, boutique suppliers that will enable you to hotrod your Dillion.

Powder Check System

In my opinion, another of the ‘must have’ additions to the 1050. Because we have auto-indexing on this machine, and therefore the plan is to run it faster, we also increase the risk of a no, or low powder charge.

While I would like to think you are going to notice an empty powder hopper, checking at the case end covers off a couple of potential issues at the same time.

This isn’t a replacement for paying attention, but if you are trying to doing things at speed – this is an excellent check for yourself.

Inline Fabrication Ultramount System

D1050-2Unless you are particularly short, or, set up the entire system to work from a sitting position, the standard press mounted to a table, is likely to actually be far too short to be the most ergonomic setup for you. Certainly, at 6-foot-1-andabit, the standard setup was too short for me to comfortably use for any decent amount of time. So the first thing to do is get it lifted up to a better working height.

Inline Fabrication makes a series of mounting systems for all manner of presses. Lifting the unit up and providing more footprint (meaning more stability) – the mounts also provide the space to start adding on other accessories to really ramp up your reloading.

Inline Fabrication makes their mounts to a higher standard than the Dillion Ones, and, should you change in the future – the top plate can be swapped out for a new plate, or, install the quick-change system and save bench space!

Inline Fabrication Swinging Bin

While most of the consumables are already covered with the case feeder (and the Mr Bullet I am going to suggest you also pick up) it’s handy to have other items close by – this is a bin and a bracket that can hold tools and bits for you.

Inline Fabrication Ergo Roller Handle

Finally, replace the standard handle with a roller model. Not only easier on the hands, but the angled shaft also makes the stroke easier on the back.

Mr Bullet Feeder


You have the cases being feed automatically, why are you still manually feeding bullets in there as well? It’s not going to take up any additional footprint on your bench and it is one more thing you don’t have to worry about. All you will need to do it pull the handle. Actually, since we are talking about that…

It’s a 1050 – you are after speed. Let’s just automate this whole process and we can get onto the really juicy bit…

The Mark 7 1050 Autodrive

Yeah. This is pretty much a reloaders wet dream. Interested? Get in touch with us and we can basically set you up as a semi-commercial reloader.


Powder Scale

p_100-013-600_1An accurate powder scale is a necessity – to both setup and check the powder throw coming off the Dillion. Even once running, I would still stop to check regularly to make sure nothing has changed on you expectedly.

We have the awesome GemPRO 250 – for the price, it’s hard to beat. Make sure you read up on our setup suggestions to get the most out of it. A little knowledge goes a long, long way.


You will also need to measure and set the overlength of a loaded cartridge as well as checking the taper crimp. While I am sure the purists will cringe, our Mitutoyo Digital Verniers are quick, accurate and the last pair of verniers you will ever need to purchase.


Case gauge(s)

CG45-100-2Running each and every cartridge you make through a gauge gives you a final check on sizing, and means another visual check to ensure nothing is untoward with your completed loads. We have single units, or, for bulk loaders, Shockbottle Trays that will take up to 100 at a time and quickly dump them into your cartridge cases.


A dust cover

We actually include these will the units, that’s how  important we feel it is to keep the units dust and contaminate free.

Yes, and no.

Carbide Dies are often sold on the basis that you don’t need to lube your brass when using them. I would still lube the cases though. Just try with and without and you will realise, even if you don’t, it makes things a lot smoother. Pistol, straight wall, you might even get away with no lube at all. Rifle – you will still need to lube.

You will, however, be able to use much less lube, which is less left on the brass – and, depending on your process, might mean you don’t need a second run in the polisher after prepping brass for .223 (for example).

Also, we sell, and recommend the Redding Titanium Carbide Dies. Again, better materials used, to a better tolerance.

They cost more. But not much more when taken in the context of the system you are purchasing.

Also, the carbide will last forever.


The Dillon Super 1050

Dillon 1050 (Dillon Super 1050)With it’s lengthened frame and optimised crank assembly, the Dillon 1050 is designed to increase functional stroke and accommodate longer calibres, yet still maintaining the minimum required handle pull to decrease fatigue and increase speed. Make no mistake, this system is just at home working with rifle calibres (beyond .223) as it is bulk reloading for your pistol.

This IS a commercial grade machine – capable of pumping out 1,000 to 1,200 MATCH GRADE  rounds per hour for over 35 different rifle and pistol calibres – and that is before we even start looking at optimising or upgrading the system.

Six Stations, Automatically Indexing Shellplate Holder.

With each downstroke of the handle, six stations come into play – six operations (in addition to the bullet feeder) can be conducted at once – this makes the 1050 Press an absolute workhorse when it comes to both processing and reloading brass. The upstroke automatically rotates all the shells around to the next station, ready for another downstroke. Once up and going, all that is required to churn out ammo is the repeated action on the handle.

Built in primer pocket Swager

For those using once fired brass, especially .223 (and 5.56) from military sources, the built in primer pocket swager reams out the crimp found in military brass – ready for a new, ‘standard’ primer. This saves another off press process, speeding things up.

Electric Case Feeder

The Dillon Super 1050 comes standard with an electric case feeder – capable of holding hundreds of pieces of brass, ready to go. When it gets low (check out our handy mirror below for a quick reference option) just fill it up again, and keep on reloading!

Adjustable Primer Seater

The automatic priming system also features an adjustable primer seater, which allows you to accommodate multiple calibres and multiple headstamps. Set it up just right for you and get popping out those loaded rounds!

Dillon 1050 Progressive Press Options

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions200 x 250 x 550 cm


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