Kestrel Elite Ballistics Kit

Looking at a Kestrel? Pick it up with a Weather Vane and create yourself the ultimate portable weather station!

By utilising the LiNK connectivity, you can get to your shooting spot, set up the Vane and Kestrel and be ready to go with constantly updating wind calls from your shooting point.

Add in the awesome Kapita Tripod for a lightweight setup that can also be used as a shooting support, spotting scope tripod and more. Don’t forget to get the optics adaptor.

Kestrel 5700 Elite Meter with Applied Ballistics

Want to achieve first round hits in the quickest, simplest way possible?

The Kestrel 5700 Elite combines a portable weather station and a ballistic calculator into a small, powerful package.

Now, with LiNK Bluetooth connectivity, Kestrel has started a new wave of interconnected systems. Pair up with a rangefinder to get distance and angle of fire info, then put the unit on the optional weather vane and feed all the information to your phone. Getting accurate updated ballistic data just got a whole lot easier!



If you want, we are happy to install the latest firmware and set up the unit for local use – this includes a compass calibration, latitude setup and basic unit setup. We can also help setup the first rifle if you know all the details already.

Kestrel Rotating Vane Mount 5000 / Elite Series – optional

The Kestrel Rotating Vane Mount provides a simple way to setup a full-featured weather station. Get to your firing spot, set up the Kestrel and Vane on a Tripod and open up the app on your phone. Now you can stay in shooting position while getting constant updates on changing wind and weather.

Pick it up with the Kestrel as a kit for a discount!

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Kapita Tripod – optional

The Kapita Tripod is the ultimate modular support system. It is a truly multi-purpose system for hunters, hikers, bird spotters and photographers.

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Kapita Hook

The hook for the Kapita Tripod is made from titanium and stainless steel so it’s incredibly strong. Use the hook to hang your backpack on and give the tripod even greater stability.

Spartan Magnetic Adapters – optional

If you have more than one rifle you only need extra adapters making the supports a very reasonable purchase. Easy to install, even easier to use!

This product is currently unavailable.


Get to your shooting position, set up the vane and Kestrel 5700 Elite, get behind the rifle, connect to it via the app on your iPhone or Android Phone and get live readings without having to move from behind the gun.

Maybe your shooting position is in a sheltered spot when you can’t feel the wind shifting on you, maybe you want to set it and forget it, the Kestrel 5700 with the LiNK lets you set up a very powerful live weather station.



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