NeoPod Ultralightweight Hunting Bipod

There is light, then there is NeoPod light. 82 grams light.



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It was time to re-think the bipod.

Made from carbon fibre reinforced PEEK polymer. This material has a tensile strength equal to that of stainless steel – with only half the weight of aluminium.

For hunters going to extremes, from the deepest deserts to the highest mountains, there are two key things to consider when choosing the right equipment: weight and strength. These considerations have always caused conflicting demands in terms of design and materials.

A hunting bipod must be quick to deploy and help you achieve maximum precision in the field.

So light you’ll actually bring it along

The bipod itself weighs only 82g. Ddapters weigh from to 7 to 31g.

The material used; carbon fibre reinforced PEEK polymer is immensely strong and regarded as the one of the highest performing materials in the world.

Features a quick detach spigot for the lowest possible centre of gravity

At the heart of the system is a spigot and for a good reason. The hinges of the bipod are level with the spigot to further optimize center of gravity.

The benefit to the shooter is maximum stability.

We belive the NeoPod spigot offers the lowest center of gravity of any bipod designed to fold under the barrel.

Instantly deployable

The legs folds flat under the gun. No legs sticking out or metal parts digging into your shoulder. Safely leave the bipod mounted to the gun knowing that the legs deploy in a split second.


The bipod comes with a universal adapter - and additional adapters can be purchased to suit specific firearms.


NeoPod Ultralightweight Hunting Bipod

There is light, then there is NeoPod light. 82 grams light.


Thank you for your outstanding service, you truly go above and beyond what is expected.

Once again thank you.


5 stars mate. Everything showed up quick and as ordered. Prices are good too. I’ll get more from you when I have some spare cash.



I chose Gearlocker because I had seen you up at WPC a couple times and knew about your blog, so knew who you were which made by online a bit less of a worry.

The site is good and easy to use. The upfront disclaimer about being a one-man band is a nice touch and a good example of under promising and over delivering.

If I ever get a permission to spend permit from my wife again I will keep your site in mind!


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