THLR Cheek Rest

The cheek rest consists of two parts, lower and upper. The lower part is easily fixed to the rifle stock by sturdy Velcro that requires no physical modification of the rifle. The upper part is fixed to the lower part also by Velcro. By inserting material between the two parts (we prefer a fairly stiff piece of foam sleeping mat or cargo packaging) you adjust the height to achieve a perfect cheek-weld and a perfect eye alignment with the scope. If desired, the cheek rest can be further secured via a Velcro strap wrapped over the recoil pad.


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Since a lot of big-game hunting is taking place during the twilight hours (or even by moonlight), scopes with large 50-56 mm objectives are quite popular. This requires a higher scope mount and often gives a fairly weak contact with the chin and variable placement of the eye. By providing a better cheek-weld you are also securing perfect eye alignment and maximum twilight performance from your scope as the light will hit the eye perfectly every time.

From match shooters, we know that a fitted cheek rest is a necessity for truly consistent shooting. In literature, you find that a custom-fitted cheek rest is often recommended for shooting at international match level. We are very familiar with the discomfort of lying cold nights with the rifle at the ready, waiting for the moon to come out of clouds or the animal to walk into a more favourable spot for a shot. We have found this cheek rest to be significantly more comfortable in these situations than a cold, synthetic stock.

The THLR cheek rest has no pockets as we think this distorts the balance of the rifle. But there is a generous Velcro field where you can affix what accessories you prefer. For the long-range shooter we have a handy mirage band, and for the hunter who likes to have his cartridges available, we made an elastic cartridge holder. These are extras and does not come supplied with the cheek rest as standard.

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