Ultimate Bearing Kit for Dillon XL 650


Ultimate Bearing Kit Dillon XL 650 adds a roller bearing on top of the shellplate to reduce powder spilling as the shellplate snaps into position.  We also include a Camming Pin Bearing to replace the camming pin. Your press will run as smooth as silk with this kit.

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Our tough as nails phenolic low mass detent ball is included. Run out is eliminated and this results in more consistent ammo. The bearing also supports the shellplate resulting in better priming. It replaces screws with thumbscrews to speed up the adjustment of the press. Premium kit includes the very popular Shellplate Bearing Kit, thumbscrews for 3 powder measures and 3 powder measure adjustment knobs. This kit works with both new and old style powder measures.

Our Camming Pin Bearing reduces friction and smooths the reciprocating action of the case insert slide and slide cam. A special cut allows the casefeed arm to function correctly, there are some older 650s that really benefit from this. All of our camming pins are blued and finished. We match the dimensions of the OEM pin. Our pin fully supports the casefeed arm, reducing vibrations and unnecessary wear. Reduced vibrations help to keep cases correct side up when using a casefeeder. This is an exclusive feature of our pin, not available from any other manufacturer.

Very detailed and complete instructions are included with the kit. If you have any problems send me an email and I will call to help you finish the setup.

Dillon recently changed the primer alarm screw to a Phillips head sheet metal type screw. if you have this new style primer alarm the thumb screw we provide will not fit and it may be repurposed (tension screw for Kydex holsters).


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